Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Today is not good!

This morning our fire alarm started bleeping at about 5am. We have no idea why. Steva got up and pressed a few buttons and it stopped but the noise interrupted our sleep a bit.

Then I got stopped by the police on my way to work: apparently my tyres have an illegal tread. I am so not good with vehicles! So I batted my eyelids in an alluring feminine way at the cops and thankfully they did not fine me or give me any penlty points. Instead I have to get my tyres fixed (the car is at the garage as I type) and then report back to a local police station to show that I have done what I was told. (It's a bit like having done your homework wrong and having to come back the next day with it corrected.)

Next I scooted into the city centre for a meeting for 10am to discover it's happening tomorrow....

Clearly, I am not having the most successful of days and it's not even 10.30am. Goodness knows what else will happen before I make it to bed tonight!

I'll keep you posted...


Susannah Forshey said...

:( That's a bummer! I abhor getting pulled over.....it's only happened twice to me, but both times it was no less than traumatic, and I bawled at the policeman sticking his head in my window!

Our week isn't starting out great either. My husband goes back to work today (yesterday was Presidents' Day) with the knowledge that he'll be working straight through next weekend, Saturday, Sunday, and on through my BIRTHDAY, too!! :( We've been praying for our joy to be restored, as both of us are pretty gloomy. The Army takes it out of a family, that's for sure.

Edith said...

How are you doing? Too bad on the husband working scenario esp on your birthday. Life's a bummer. I have untold admiration for the armed forces (who get a really raw deal I reckon) so tell him I think he's great - actually I think you're both great. Any sign of the joy making a comeback in your lives or is it too early days yet?