Monday, 29 June 2009

Anyone for tennis...?

Well we are just back from a long weekend in London. I lived & worked in London for several years and so still have quite a few friends there so we had a great time meeting up with people, sitting in the sun and putting the world to rights. Oh, yes, we also had tickets for Centre Court at Wimbledon and had a fine old time on Friday watching the world's finest tennis players doing their thing. I loved it! I so want to be a tennis player (thank goodness for my over-active imagination; at least I can play well in my dreams!).


Friday, 19 June 2009

Have you missed me?

Lovely friends

I have been soooo radio silent! I knew it had been a week or two since I last blogged but when I checked there now, I see it's been almost a month. Talk about going cold turkey!
Anyway I am very well but VERY busy and because of that a little tired.

I have been....

...working very hard (getting up early and coming home late);

...ironing my husband's shirts (admittedly once - but I did about 12 in that one session) because he thinks I do them better than the cleaner and I also feel a little guilty that I am being a neglectful wife letting him go out looking like a scarecrow;

...baking. TOTALLY recommend my recipe for coconut, cornflake & chocolate slices. It's a winner.

...working (I know I already mentioned it but I need you to understand I am a busy beaver);

...playing golf (you didn't see that one coming did you? I love it but I am totally rubbish);

...doing church stuff. (It was our Synod last week so we went to the missionary rally. It was very good. I also got very light headed: the ventilation wasn't great.)

...entertaining (I have had the odd lunch party here and there but we have TWENTY people coming for dinner (yes, proper food! ) tomorrow night and I only have 17 plates and if I'm making proper food I don't think I can get away with paper plates...).

Clearly I am telling you this so you feel excited for me that I have a jam packed roller coaster life (I sort of do; I also have a completely helter skelter, juggling plates in the air existence that sometimes exhausts me) but also so you realise that I haven't meant to abandon you but I promise I will try harder next time...

By the way, if you're not doing anythhing tomorrow, come along to my party. It's no bother -just bring a plate that's all (unless you don't mind making do with a paper towel).

lots of love