Friday, 24 April 2009

Wooden spoons at 50 paces

Hi there

I hope you are all set for the weekend.

I have had a fairly frenetic week, particularly in the last day or two (not helped by a 7.30am meeting this morning) so am really looking forward to doing something different.

When I feel stressed one of the things I love to do is bake or cook. Honestly I just love it. I'm not an amazing cook (and would confess presentation is not my strongest suit) but I'm not awful either. It's a happy little arrangement.

Anyway this weekend I am off to a cookery school for 2 days to learn some "Summer Entertaining". I am so excited!! It's situated in the beautiful Co Fermanagh lakelands at at a place called Belle Isle . The only sad thing is that I don't get to see my lovely husband until Sunday (he'll be at home supervising the builders who are still sorting out the garden, more of which another time...). However I have promised him amazing meals from now on. What a lucky young man!

Monday, 20 April 2009

Say it Quietly

I am writing this in a whisper (or sotto voce if I'm showing off) as I don't want to provoke our notoriously fickle weather system but it's been sunny here for the last 3 days... This is a major achievement. I suspect if it goes on much longer we'll have our water rationed and only be allowed to shower once a week but at the moment let's just enjoy the warm(ish) rays and keep our fingers crossed...

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Marriage Guidance (not!)

I have just finished reading this book and thoroughly recommend it if you want a nice light dreamy read. I don't know about you but I am fed up with picking up a novel only to find it full of gratuitous sex, violence etc. This quite definitely is a book you'd be happy to let you mum or granny read. Having spent 6 months working in a Christian school in India before university, it is a country close to my heart so I suppose the book had a special resonance for me. However even if the closest you have been to the sub continent is an onion bhaji I would still give it a thumbs up!
love from
Your Friendly Book Reviewer

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

Remember me?!

Hi gang!

Sorry for the recent silence. I hope you are all well; judging by all your blogs it looks like you're all doing fine which is good. Excellent work!

We are just back from an Easter break in Portugal where we joined my parents for a week's sea, sand, sun and lots and lots of laughs. We had a great time and are looking tanned and healthy and feeling well rested. I hope the healthy glow lasts!

We are getting an extension built here at work so the view outside my office is of a building site and periodically the building shakes as a digger does something exciting. We are also getting "stuff" done to our garden at home so there is a digger there as well, lots of mud and general chaos. Welcome to Edith's world!

Anyway will try and download some of the Portugal pictures soon and will try and post something meaningful again soon...

Bye for now