Wednesday, 18 February 2009


... and today I have a rotten stinking cold and cannot breathe or speak (that clearly is an exaggeration as I am still alive but you know what I mean!). I feel very sorry for myself. My little nose is raw and my eyes are running. Do you think I caught the bug from my blogging chums who are currently laid low? I've heard of internet viruses you know....


Herb of Grace said...

I'm soooo sorry! I even Lysol-ed my keyboard just to be sure this wouldn't happen! Here;


That's some 'virtual tea and sympathy' :)

Susannah Forshey said...

Yeah, we're sorry for passing it on. :( But on the other hand, I feel somehow more connected to you than ever. We actually shared germs in some weird, roundabout, across-the-Atlantic-sort-of-way. :D

Seriously, tho, I hope it doesn't blossom into the 2-weeker it did for us. It's pretty miserable, and you have all my sympathies!