Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Feed me Seymour!

OK so over the weekend I told my husband (the lovely Steva) that I had started a Blog. We are a really good match on so many levels, one of which is that he is the calm steady one whereas I am the emotions-on-a-rollercoaster and always-up-and-down one. I thought he might not be overjoyed to know I'd become a blogger (although, as I told him, it's not like a drug or alcohol addition - seriously, I could have been confessing something TERRIBLE). Once he'd groaned a bit, got over the shock of seeing his photo on my Blog page etc. he has been quite excited about the whole thing. In fact I think he's got the bug as he spent a good part of Sunday evening blog hopping. If you're reading this you are someone who suffers from the same condition. Basically, someone at church gave Steva the name of a web site which he looked up, this linked onto that person's Blog which had other Blog followers and the next thing I know, my nearest and dearest is avidly reading about how someone's home made bread worked out. He is LOVING it!

It was at this stage he became quite animated and told me I should get cracking with my own offering to the world. I had written my first draft but had then had an attack of the nerves and hadn't published it. However my lovely spouse who is great at encouraging me told me to "go for it" so I did....

Then I waited to see if anyone (like just one person - I'm not in this for the glory) would read it, post a comment etc. etc..

I checked after 10 mins of publishing my first post. Not a peep. Not a sniff. Just a big fat zero hits.

So I went to sleep.

And as I slept, I had some quirky dreams including one where I realised there were some wonderful, kind hearted people who had begun following my Blog and had posted comments.

It was the kind of dream which is so vivid that when I woke I KNEW it was for real so I quickly checked my computer and disovered that it really was a dream and that I have no followers (well, none yet: I am an optimistic kind of girl).

So, dear reader, this is a heart felt plea. If you have somehow stumbled across my witterings please please post a comment (only a nice one thank you) so that I feel like someone has noticed me.

Merci (as they say in France)


Melissa said...

I have noticed you!! I just started my own blog, so I know how you feel!

Good luck and keep blogging! I'll be checking back!

Susannah Forshey said...

Haha! You're good at this, so keep writing. I shall keep watch over your blog, now. Thanks for your comments on mine!

Edith said...

I am loving your comments!! Keep them coming!