Wednesday, 14 January 2009

I think I love blogging!

It's after 11.00pm, I got home from work half an hour ago.

Initially my plan had been to run straight upstairs and into bed because I'm pooped, although having drunk quite a lot of coffee at my meeting this evening (which explains my lateness) I am buzzing.

Anyway when I got into the kitchen I realised there were a few things to do before I could retire, like freeze the soup I made last night, clean out and feed the fish, Vladimir and Felix (sometime I will explain their names although it's a little embarrassing as one of them is named after a character in a play which gives the impression that we are soooo lah-di-dah but hey, when a name sticks you've got to use it) etc. etc. However I did manage to get a cupboard door jammed when something got caught behind the runner so, instead of trying to fix it, I just left it wide open. My rebellious spirit is so to the fore. Not. Imagine what I'd be like if I was a dedicated rebel....

After a while Steva came down wondering what I was doing. I've been a little grumpy lately (hormones!) so I didn't want to respond churlishly and tell him that I was doing the chores I had hoped he might see to. You see, at times, I CAN bite my tongue and be more loving than I feel. Mind you I still have to keep working at it....

Anyhow Steva told me I had to come quick because someone had posted a comment on my blog. Oh hurrah! The excitement! The adrenaline rush! Thank you Melissa. You have made my day. In fact having had a look at your blog (I will comment too!), I think we are kindred spirits in more ways than one.

Now I am way too excited to sleep which is problematic as I am in bed typing and Steva has his head on the pillow. I shall lie awake trying to think of witty mesmerising things to write. Oh the pressure! (I love it!)


Heidi said...

Ha--I remember how exciting it is to get your first couple of comments--so HERE!

And seriously, resist the chickens. They are BAD NEWS.

Thanks for visiting--it's lovely "meeting" you!

Edith said...

Thank you so much for the comment!
I have been away for a few days so it was so exciting to come back to my blog and see someone had been visiting. I will be checking yours again soon.