Thursday, 11 March 2010

Forgive...and forget

We had a really good home group last night led by me, though that's not why it was great! (On that point, I got an awful shock when I arrived at the lady's house where it was being held. There were cars parked everywhere. Could it be that the whole church had come to the study?! Actually no! There is a primary school near by and the cars belonged to the parents attending the school's concert. Phew....)

Where was I..? Yes, the study. It was on John 21 and the theme of forgiveness and we had a great discussion which I shan't go into in detail here. However I was really challenged by a couple of things which might give you pause for thought:- 1. I find it relatively easy to forgive people but do I actually forget what they've asked forgiveness for or do I store it up in the back of my mind ready to cast up at them (maybe only in my head) at a later date? 2. When I offer forgiveness and it is accepted, do I let the matter go or do I continue to beat myself up about it and refuse to forgive myself even though the matter has been dealt with? I think this is a particularly female trait.

Forgive AND forget. That's the key. That's what I need to learn to do friends!


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Herb of Grace said...

Great post, but I'm mainly here to say AWESOME FISH NAMES :)

LOL. They made me laugh!