Tuesday, 11 August 2009

And my husband says I overreact sometimes...?!

Poor old Hillary Clinton. Like her or loathe her, she does get a lot of stick and bad press which is not always deserved.

Mind you she appears to have lost her cool this time... Last night there she was at a debate in Africa when some poor student (whose first language is not English) asked her what "Mr Clinton" thought about Chinese investment. Apparently the student lived to tell the tale but it was a close run thing as the US Secretary of State tore strips off him asking why she would know anything about her husband's views and how she was now the important one in the Clinton household not him. (It seems the poor student got muddled up between "Obama" and "Clinton" and so wasn't really interested at all in what Bill had to say. Bet he won't make that blooper again...).

It's hilarious viewing. If you've got the inclination have a look and see...


septembermom said...

Oh, was she mad! She really didn't hide her feelings about Bill getting any spotlight. That poor student didn't know he would make her erupt like that.

Edith said...

It's so funny! She didn't even pause for a second to think that the poor student might have got a bit muddled up and, instead, went straight for the jugular. Do you reckon she might be a little teensy weensy bit fed up of Bill always being the one people seem to want to know about...?!