Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Rain drops and pink shoes

Is it ever going to stop raining because I can tell you I am so fed up with rain! (I see that this is not a feeling confined solely to this side of the Atlantic either. What's going on America? When we were growing up we bought into the American Dream offered by films, TV series and books which boasted of perpetual sunshine. Just in California, eh?)

We went to a wedding on Saturday and it rained. The groom was in the Royal Air Force and is a trained helicopter pilot and he and the bride left the church in a chopper. How cool was that?! At least it sounded like a helicopter; thanks to the driving rain it was pretty hard to make out what was going on...

Yesterday was a Bank Holiday (yes, a day off work. What bliss!) so of course it rained all day, apart from the early morning when I was having a lie-in.

However it is not all bad news because in an attempt to beat the blues and single handedly kick start the economy I have been shopping and have got some lovely new pink shoes (in the sales too - so a bargain, husband dear). They look pretty much like the picture.

Of course, I daren't wear them outside just yet. I mean, it might rain and ruin them...

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Herb of Grace said...

Aaaaaaaaaaaa!! I WANT your shoes!!!! You might should lock them up... I might just find a way to teleport over there and swipe them.