Thursday, 5 March 2009

Spring flowers and... snow showers!

Last weekend we spent a happy time pottering round the garden (well, mostly Steva did; I was inside making puddings for my sister's 30th birthday party), digging new beds, admiring all the bulbs peeping through the soil, delighting in the snowdrops and crocuses and smelling the early daffodils. It was also mild, not warm enough not to wear a sweater but not so cold that we had to be bundled up.

Spring had sprung!

Or so we thought...

And then we woke this morning to a Narnia like winter wonderland and I drove to work in a blizzard. What is that all about?!

However now the grey clouds are lifting and I can see blue sky so, hopefully, it will be spring again by tomorrow.

I love the unpredictability of weather (well I usually do but non stop rain during the summer can get a bit boring after a while...). I think it's the fact that we humans think we've got everything cracked and are totally self-sufficient when we really, really don't at all! It teaches us a thing or two about reliance and dependence. Maybe it's a good thing it snowed this morning after all.

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Herb of Grace said...

This is exactly the way the weather has been around here, too. We'll have a day in the 60s and then snow that weekend. It's ridiculous. Torture, actually. I envy you your daffodils. Mine aren't up yet. Although snowdrops we have :)