Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Feeling Frazzled

I am feeling in such a state of, well, panic these days. I don't know what it is but the days are flying past and I really don't seem to be able to get much done. Actually, what I think I mean is that I put myself under enormous pressure to do a lot (maybe too much?) and then when I don't actually manage everything I feel like I am a failure. I think this is very dangerous psychology!

Last week, I had to go over to Birmingham (England not Alabama!) for work. I managed to stay overnight with an old college friend and admire her new baby and read stories to her toddler and I had a great time but I was totally exhausted when I got back, work was manic and I felt hassled until about Sunday morning.

Thank goodness for the day of rest. We come from quite strict backgrounds especially on the Sabbath day front so Sundays do tend to be days when we don't do any work, chores etc and am I glad about that! Yes there are times when in extremis we have to open our files and do a little catch up (or damage limitation depending on the point of view) but, generally speaking, it's a day of going to church, seeing family, having a lovely lunch, maybe going for a walk and resting.

Once I got Monday started, I thought about updating my blog. I then felt guilty because I hadn't updated my blog in a week. Why do I do this to myself?! I really enjoy writing my blog and it is anything but a chore but I think I felt that I had nothing interesting to report (a sentiment with which you may agree if you are reading this right now!) and that all my loyal followers would be bored with me and disappear for ever. Aren't irrational female hormones just great?!

Anyway I thought I'd scribble something quickly today about how stressy everything feels and how I feel like there really are not enough hours in the day and as I logged in, I read Herb of Grace's latest offering and followed the link there. How challenged am I? And how reassured! I am slowly trying to get everything back in perspective...

E x


Joy G said...

We've recently made sure that we take a day of rest as well! It's simply healthy and gives time to recharge.

Herb of Grace said...

I know exactly how you feel!