Monday, 26 January 2009

Traffic is slow this morning

Every morning I listen religously to the radio traffic report because I have to navigate a particularly obnoxious junction to get to my beloved place of work. Quite often my heart sinks when I hear "... the M2 has a lane blocked because of an accident/broken down vehicle etc. etc." At times I confess I have had less than loving thoughts towards the silly driver causing the chaos. Not any more though because on Friday I was that accident! Oh yes! I managed to bang right into a van in front which braked suddenly. I mean I braked suddenly too but just not as effectively as Van Man. His van is fine by the way, although his passenger says his back hurts a little - of course it does: I mean I have insurance so clearly he's going to claim for his so-called sore back.

You'll be pleased (I hope!) to know I am also OK although my little 6 yr old Toyota is in a poor way, and of course, I spent the rest of the morning in tears. I think it's important to show my feminine side at times. Everyone was very sweet with me except my father whose first words to me, after I'd explained what had happened were, "you have no defence to this, none at all". (My father is a lawyer- would you have guessed?) No words of tenderness to his first born, checking she was uninjured or murmurings of compassion, just bald facts of law. Actually I think he realised how fragile I was when I wept again - this time in a dramatic fashion: I'd just applied my mascara (reputed to be waterproof: it's not) and was sporting a fetching panda look. After that he put his arms around me and pointed out it was only a car and that no one had been hurt. You see the big man can be a softie when he wants. I might be 32 but there are times when it's nice to pretend I'm 7 again (not that I had a driver's licence then, bright and precocious though I fear I was....)

So now I am on the hunt for a new car. The guy at the garage I visited on Saturday asked how many years of my no claim bonus I had left. Less than 24 hours would be the answer there!


Susannah Forshey said...

That was quite a weekend for you! I'm sorry to hear you're car-less, but glad it wasn't any worse for you than that. On a different note, I laughed so hard when I read your dad's response: "you have no defense to this..." LOL It almost sounds like a rebuke, were it coming from anyone but a lawyer. :D

Edith said...

My Dad is hilarious - usually!
Thanks for your comment. I am so loving them!
BTW, are you feeling better yet...?