Wednesday, 21 January 2009


As some of you know, Steva and I got married slightly over a year ago. In order to prevent either of us having a 2 hour commute each day we compromised (isn't that what it's all about?!) and moved somewhere pretty much half way between his office and mine. Where we live is lovely and we're very happy. However it is hard moving somewhere new and getting to know folk, especially if you don't have kids to go to local schools, clubs etc and if you are out at work all day long.

When we got married, we decided to keep going to Steva's church, even though it was a good 40 minute drive away, as we reckoned that moving house, getting wed and moving church all at once might finish us off. Even though we loved where we were going, we realised we needed to find somewhere more local, so told the gang at Steva's place that we would leave at the end 0f 2008. Officially the evening service on 28th December was our last. It was so sad! During the last singing it suddenly hit me that we were going. Afterwards, we were overwhelmed as so many people came up to us and said how sorry they were we were going etc. It was a Kleenex at the ready kind of evening. However one person, not known for his EQ or tact, merely asked us to confirm we were definitely leaving because he had taken us off the prayer list! Can you believe it? Talk about not-the-best-comment-to-make-in-the-world-EVER. Grrrrr! Anyway I have forgiven him; I honestly don't think he intended to be rude.

So Steva and I are now in the brave new world that is church hunting. We're not worried: there are about a dozen really good churches all within about 10 miles of us so we'll find somewhere. In the meantime, it's really quite cool visiting places. We feel like secret shoppers!
One thing that has struck us is the friendliness (or not) of fellow worshippers. I know some people are shy and striking up a conversation with a newcomer is not easy but can I encourage my loyal followers (all 2 of you) to take heart and be encouraged to be welcoming to strangers? It really, really, really helps!

Thank you!


Heidi said...

Just for the record, I'm very friendly. In fact, I'd say I'm downright obnoxious the way I'm always saying, "Now, I don't think I know you . . . who are you?"

Susannah Forshey said...

Heehee! We've been going to a church for 4 years now, that has an unusually high number of senior citizens. Some of them *still* come up and "introduce" themselves to me...."What's your name, are you from around here?" I'm like, "Yes, and I've been sitting in this pew for 4 years, now, watching you over there in yours!"

Herb of Grace said...

Hi there :) I saw your thoughtful and kind comment on my sister's blog, so I thought I'd hop on over and check you out! :) Looking forward to reading more...