Thursday, 23 July 2009

Buy One Get One Free...?

The Church of England is doolally. Possibly this is not much of a surprise to many reformed, evangelical people (a lot of whom I know are Anglicans despairing of the rot within) but today's news does take the biscuit. I know BOGOF ("buy one get one free") has been a popular supermarket tactic for a while but I am not sure it was a brilliant move by the Church to introduce a new service for co-habiting couples who already have children so they can get married and have the kids baptised all in the one service! What an excellent idea for a church to ignore the teaching of the Bible. Very smart.

You can read the news article here

Now, please don't think me completely right wing and fundamental. I appreciate there are circumstances where people come to faith late having lived together and had children together and, of course, it is a delight when they then get married and baptised. However I don't reckon the CoE was necessarily thinking of this category when they came up with this gem.

Presbyterianism - it's the way forward!


Joy said...

Wow, that is a doozy! Not surprised though...compromise is all over the world these days, not just in England.

Herb of Grace said...

Woah. Somethin' weird is up with your template... It's loading up aaall funky!

What in the world is doolally? :)