Tuesday, 17 March 2009

What day's today?

Happy St Patrick's Day!

Wherever you are, I hope you are having a great day.

What always amuses us here on the emerald isle, is the fact that the whole world appears to join in St Patrick's Day. It's cool! I know there are big celebrations in New York City, Chicago and Boston. There is also a parade in London and this time 5 years ago when I was in Australia there were celebrations there too. It was a hoot!

The funniest thing is that here, in Ireland, people really don't go in for all the Paddy's Day madness. Yes, it's a public holiday so we get the day off work (hurrah!) but, as a rule, we don't dress up as leprachauns, dye our water systems green or spend the day pretending we are extras in River Dance. However we love it that the rest of the world gets so involved!

Happy St Patrick's Day!


Susannah Forshey said...

Waahaahaa! Dying our water systems green....LOL!

I am serving what I have been told is a somewhat traditional Irish meal....corned beef, cabbage, and potatoes. How close did I come?

I think Americans, being that we're such a washed-out melting pot of cultures, have to go back pretty far to their Irish, Italian, German, what-have-you Roots to feel a sense of Heritage (except on July 4th. Then we're all just American). That's why we still celebrate St. Patty's and Cinco de Mayo. We don't know what we're celebrating, but their heritage is definitely more colorful than ours! :D

Herb of Grace said...

I can't believe I totally forgot it's St Patrick's day today... I'm ashamed of myself :( I'm curious to know where that whole tradition of pinching people not wearing green on St Paddy's day came from?

Edith said...

Ladies, good to hear from you!

Susannah: excellent choice of meal. To be really Irish you should probably have gone for minced beef over corned beef but otherwise well done! The night before my wedding, I asked if we could have mince and potatoes for dinner as it is my favourite comfort food. Not that sophisticated, I grant you, but yummy.

Not a CLUE where that pinching tradition came from. It's not one that we sold you pretending it was authentic Oirish was it...? I wore not a speck of green yesterday and came through the whole day unscathed....

Great touch at the White House by Mrs Obama by the way (I think)!