Wednesday, 11 February 2009

Walk like an Egyptian

I am a child of the 80s. By that I mean I did my growing up during that unfairly maligned decade so have a love of leg warmers, shoulder pads and a dubious taste in pop music. The Bangles were a particular favourite which is why I spent a lot of last week humming their classic hit (the title to this post). Even so, I didn't really manage to walk like an Egyptian: they are a graceful lot and I tend to be, well, clumsy.

However this is just a short post to say "hello" and let you know I am back in the world of blogging.

We had a great trip and I will post some photos etc. in due course. It was AMAZING to walk round the Pyramids and see the tombs where the Pharaohs were buried. In some ways, the country has not changed in centuries. By that I mean it is very Biblical. As I said to Steva as we sat in a sailling boat coasting across the Nile, you could just imagine finding a baby in a basket in the bullrushes.... (not that we did actually. Which is probably just as well as that might have caused a diplomatic incident.)

Oh and yes, for those of you who know I am ever so slightly excitable about weather, it was hot and sunny (not too hot) and, unlike the UK which appears to have come to a complete standstill, it did not snow. I am a total convert to winter sun holidays.

Look forward to speaking to you all again soon.


Herb of Grace said...

oooo! can't wait to see pictures!

Susannah Forshey said...

Good Lord, please don't tell me you wear shoulder pads!

Edith said...

Morning All!
Fear not I don't wear shoulder pads; it's just I big soft spot for that fab decade! That said I do like a good well cut business suit (especially one that hides bulges...)
You make me giggle you know!

Susannah Forshey said...

"Fab"! You said FAB. LOL!

Edith said...

Do my American chums not say "fab"? How funny! Wonder what else I say/you say that the other thinks is hilarious. Shall we discuss sometime?